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The Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club offers a full range of services and facilities for boating and sailing enthusiasts from the novice to the seasoned mariner. In addition the Club offers a rich experience of organized boating, sailing, and social events augmented by a well-maintained clubhouse, gourmet dining, congenial staff, and experienced yard crew.

The RNYC Marina has berths for 133 yachts. Main docks are fixed pile with side-on or end-on berths; some with catwalks. All berths have access to fresh water and power. Call or email to confirm availability.

Benefits & Services

  • Voting Rights
  • Eligible to Hold Office
  • Guest and Credit Privileges
  • Spouses and children under 24 included
  • Assigned Docking Space
  • Launch & Haulout Services at Set Fee
  • Mast Raising & Lowering at Set Fee
  • Winter Storage Availability
  • Fuel Dock Access
  • Use of Charles R. Bell Room for Private Functions
  • Swimming Pool Access
  • Diningroom and Bar Access

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       RNYC LOA Length Overall Illustration

Berth Charge, Boating Fee, Lift Fee, and Winter Storage are calculated according to values entered for Length Overall (LOA), Beam, and Weight.

LOA is the length of a vessel's hull measured parallel to the waterline. It is the most commonly used way of calculating the cost of a marina berth.


RNYC 2023 Boating Membership Application The Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club is a private boating club. Membership in the Club is by Application. After an advertised period of at least 5 days, the Executive reviews the application at its next meeting. If there are no objections, the application is accepted when all fees are paid.

The RNYC Boating Membership Application Form is a PDF which can be digitally signed and emailed to the RNYC General Manager Kathy Evans. To digitally sign the form download and open using Acrobat Reader.

Alternatively the form can be printed and mailed to the Club. Payment in full is due upon submitting the Application Form. Payment by cheque or credit card is accepted.

Red outlines indicate the required fields. The LOA (Length Overall), weight, and service requirements are used to calculate the total annual cost of membership. The total is calculated as the fields are filled including HST.

The Application requires the signatures of two Full Members in good standing. If you do not know any Club Members we invite you to contact the General Manager to arrange an introductory meeting with our Membership Committee representative.

For more information we invite you to call or email the RNYC General Manager Kathy Evans.

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