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The Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club is founded on a love of boats and boating and the fun and comradery that goes with it. That same spirit of adventure and fun infuses the many social traditions at the Club. The RNYC offers you a special place to unwind with old friends and meet new ones as you share in the infectious fun of “messing about in boats”.

Benefits & Services

  • Share in the many Boating and Social Events at the Club
  • Learn to Sail with the RNYC certified Sail Program for adults and juniors.
  • Enjoy the sea, sails, and sunsets in the relaxed atmosphere of the Club.
  • Meet sailing and boating adventurers from around the globe.
  • Enjoy time with family at the newly renovated swimming pool and play area.
  • Experience fine dining and the exceptional service of our friendly staff.
  • Invite your friends along for an evening of dance and entertainment.

kids in zodiac   Learn to Sail
Open to RNYC members and nonmembers the RNYC Learn to Sail Program starts from ages 5 to 8 years to adult. Certified instruction is offered in both dingy and keelboat instruction. Students are guided from their first introduction to boating and boating safety to becoming competent sailors performing advanced boat handling manoeuvers in a variety of conditions.

kids in zodiac   Visitors
RNYC is the port of call for adventurers and cruisers from around the globe. In 2018-2019 Captain Olivier Huin overwintered on his way to his second attempt at crossing the Northwest Passage in his wooden sailboat Breskell.

Photo: Captain Olivier Huin sailed the Northwest Passage in 2019 after a failed attempt in 2017 when his boat Brekell was punctured by ice. He shared his adventures in an interview with RNYC Social Member Greg Horner.

kids in zodiac Solo sailor Randall Reeves stopped at RNYC on his way to completing his famous Figure 8 Voyage.

Photo: Randall Reeves aboard the 45 foot aluminium sloop “Moli”. Constructed in 1989 for German adventurer and photographer Clark Stede, she was the first private yacht to circumnavigate the Americas. Randall Reeves bettered that by circling Antarctica as well on the same solo voyage. He shared his adventures in an interview with RNYC Social Member Greg Horner.

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  RNYC pool area gate

The swimming pool area is beautifully landscaped with deck chairs, picnic tables and a children’s play area equipped with swings, slides, and climbing structure.


RNYC Social Membership Application The Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club is a private boating club. Membership in the Club is by Application. After an advertised period of at least 5 days, the Executive reviews the application at its next meeting. If there are no objections, the application is accepted when all fees are paid.

The RNYC Social Membership Application Form is a PDF which can be digitally signed and emailed to the RNYC General Manager Kathy Evans. To digitally sign the form download and open using Acrobat Reader.

Alternatively the form can be printed and mailed to the Club. Payment in full is due upon submitting the Application Form. Payment by cheque or credit card is accepted.

Red outlines indicate the required fields. The total is calculated including HST.

The Application requires the signatures of two Full Members in good standing. If you do not know any Club Members we invite you to contact the General Manager to arrange an introductory meeting with our Membership Committee representative.

For more information we invite you to call or email the RNYC General Manager Kathy Evans.

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  RNYC LOA Length Overall Illustration

Berth Charge, Boating Fee, Lift Fee, and Winter Storage are calculated according to the options chosen and values entered for LOA, Beam, Weight, Berth Category, and Electrical Service.

LOA is the length of a vessel's hull measured parallel to the waterline. It is the most commonly used way of calculating the cost of a marina berth.

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