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2024-05-26  Gas Service Interruption

2023-09-12  Haulout Update

2023-05-24  Notice of Application CNWA

2022-12-16   2023 Reciprocal Agreement

Gas Service Interruption

RNYC Boating Membership Application Notice to Members: We have been advised that our Gas service will have an interruption for about one week. Our new gas tank has arrived and installation in planned to begin on Monday May 27th.

The tank and gas pump will be out of commission and we will advise when back in service

We have little gas left in the tank as we have been only purchasing small quantities due to the anticipated construction.

Note: There will be no interruption to the diesel service.

Kathy Evans
General Manager
Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club
709 834-5151

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Haulout Update

Good Day Members,

As our summer season comes to an end it’s time to think about haul out operations and winter boat storage We plan to have haul out concluded by the end of October this year and there will be work done on the North Wharf which we will need to coordinate boat positions to ensure this is done efficiently and safely

As a reminder, members must do any repairs and maintenance on their cradles, stands or trailers prior to their use. This is not the responsibility of the Club nor its employees. If equipment is not suitable and our Yard team deems the use of such equipment to be unsafe, it will not be used.

To assist with scheduling, please book your mast removal and haul out through the office as early as possible so that we can coordinate and plan the best location for your boat. While members may have preferred locations for storage, this is ultimately up to the Yard Master.

It is essential that we cooperate and coordinate with our Yard team this season as we’ve seen in the past, as we have a lot of boats to manage this season and have limited space so storage will be tight. This can be done effectively and safely, but members must honour bookings and have equipment/personnel ready to do the work. Individual delays will inevitably result in more work for our Yard team and frustration for other members.

Mast will be coordinated separately and as done in past years, they will need to be scheduled separately to avoid delays the day of haul out and in the planning of Yard team workloads. Also a reminder that all mast spreaders must be removed with no exceptions.

If you own a trailer in the yard please remove it now. As we are starting to haul out boats this week, these will be in the way and will only delay this operation. If our Yard team needs to move these or any other moves with boats on trailers that are not necessary , then you will be invoiced a charge for that work - a minimum $50.00 charge for each move.

To ensure equipment stored on property is still owned by members, we will require all masts currently on the mast racks and cradles stored at Perrin’s road to be tagged with your name, if you should own it. There is a lot of uncertainty around ownership of some of these items and over time we will be putting all equipment that has not been claimed on the Perrin’s Road property to free up space on our main Club property.

This is also the time to update the Club on your boat insurance as this will be asked prior to hauling out your boat. For those members storing your boat in water over-winter, insurance showing that coverage must also be provided to the Club Manager Prior to November 30th.

Thank you all for your continued support and cooperation in this part of the boating season and we look forward to a safe, efficient and seamless operation.

Kathy Evans
General Manager
Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club

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2023 Reciprocal Agreement
RNYC & Crow’s Nest Officers’ Club


RNYC Commodore Capt. Kris Drodge and Crow’s Nest President Dave Paddon

RNYC members and friends,

On behalf of both the RNYC and Crow's Nest Executive Committees, we are pleased to announce that during 2023 both Clubs will share a reciprocal agreement so that members from both Clubs can avail of each others dining facilities. This will help strengthen the historic community that both The Crow’s Nest and The RNYC have been part of over the last century. The Crow’s Nest Officers’ Club, founded in 1942, shares similarities with the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club, founded as the Avalon Yacht Club in 1936. Both are member and volunteer driven; both are keenly aware and have a responsibility for maintaining and celebrating sailing and maritime tradition; and both are strongly focused on building a community amongst its membership.

We hope that this agreement produces a long-lasting relationship within both Clubs and we look forward to this upcoming year and what it will bring. We will host a dinner at the club to welcome guests from the Crow's Nest in the coming months.

This is also an excellent opportunity to remind the Membership of the RNYC that as a member of a Club with a Royal distinction there are many reciprocating Yacht Clubs throughout the world that will welcome you into their facilities as a reciprocating member, even when not arriving on a vessel. These often require proof of membership or a letter, which the Club Manager can help provide. This is part of being a member of the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club and I strongly suggest any member that finds themselves in a city with a Royal Yacht Club to avail of this privilege, as I and many of us have done over the years.

Attached you will find a letter with similar writing as above, plus the conditions of the Reciprocal Agreement.

Calm seas and full sails,
Capt. Kristopher Drodge
Commodore, RNYC

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