RNYC Executive

Moya Cahill

Kris Drodge
Vice Commodore

Anderson Noel
Immediate Past Commodore

Jim Wyse
Rear Commodore

Michael Dwyer
Rear Commodore

Committee Members:

Wayne Corbett

Paul Goulart

Ted Laurentius

Ian Robbins

Kim Crosbie

Mike Shawyer

Larry LeDrew

Chris Bragg

Matt Miller

Greg Stacey

Heather Elliott

The RNYC Executive team is a group of volunteers dedicated to making the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club and events run as smoothly as possible. We strive to provide excellence and transparency for the Club and continually work in the best interest of current and future members. If you have any questions or concerns or you can always touch base for immediate matters with the Club Manager.


RNYC Past Commodores

1957-1959 Dr. D.F. Moores Deceased
1960-1961 Mr. George Giannou Deceased
1962 Mr. Edgar Hickman Deceased
1963-1964 Mr. Calvert C. Pratt Deceased
1965 Mr. Charles R. Bell Deceased
1966 Mr. Max Parsons Deceased
1967 Mr. Douglas Pippy Deceased
1968 Mr. Frank Stokes Deceased
1969-1970 Mr. James Halley Deceased
1971-1972 Dr. John Butler Deceased
1973-1974 Mr. G. J. Cahill Deceased
1975 Dr. H. J. Blackwood Deceased
1976 Mr. Robert S. Butler Deceased
1977 Mr. Hal Barrett Deceased
1978 Mr. Tom Davis  
1979 Mr. Max Janes Deceased
1980 Mr. M. J. Christopher Pratt  
1981 Dr. Luc Boulay Deceased
1982 Mr. Reg Woodford  
1983 Dr. Michael Staveley  
1984 Mr. Gilbert Dalton  
1985 Mr. Harold Duffett  
1986 Mr. Geoffrey Peters Deceased
1987 Mr. Albert Burgess  
1988 Mr. William G. Adams Deceased
1989 Mr. John Weger Deceased
1990 Mr. John Small  
1991 Mr. Ted Laurentius  
1992 Mr. Geoffrey Campbell Deceased
1993 Mr. David Young  
1994 Dr. Carl W. Robbins  
1995 Dr. Pierce Spurrell Deceased
1996 Mr. David Cook  
1997 Mr. Dan Blundon Deceased
1998 Mr. Tom Harris  
1999 Mr. Steve Marshall  
2000 Dr. Nizar Ladha  
2001 Mr. Glen Forbes  
2002 Mr. Greg Dickie  
2003 Mr. Tom Hickey  
2004 Mr. Owen Brown  
2005 Mr. John Butler  
2006 Mr. Gary Hillyard  
2007 Mr. Keith Pierce  
2008 Ms. Janet Marie Organ  
2009 Mr. Michael Shawyer  
2010 Mr. Ken Ryan  
2011 Mr. Barry McCallum  
2012 Mr. John Walsh  
2013 Mr. Peter Lawrie  
2014 Ms. Donna Marie Humphries  
2015 Mr. Alasdair Black  
2016 Mr. Leo Quigley  
2017 Mr. Leo Quigley  
2018 Mr. James Oxford  
2019 Mr. Mark Wareham  
2020 Mr. Larry LeDrew  
2021 Mr. Anderson Noel