No boat required!

RNYC Social Members share in the social activities at the Marina and Clubhouse scheduled throughout the sailing season and into the Holidays. In addition to organized events Social Members and their families enjoy swimming and relaxing by the pool and play area or enjoying one of our chef’s fine meals in our diningroom as they watch one of the many sailing race events as the sun sets on Conception Bay.

Our CanSail certified Sailing School offers sailing lessons for children, youth and adults in dingy, and keelboat classes. Our qualified sail instructors provide guidance and training from the first experience to training for local and national sailing competitions.

RNYC is now offering introductory first year Social Membership for $275.

  • Social Members have credit and guest privileges and full use of the Dining Room and Bar.
  • The Charles R. Bell Room is available to Social Members for private functions.
  • The swimming pool is available to Social Members as per the posted schedule.

Social Members may apply to upgrade to full membership at any time on payment of the balance of the annual fee for the new membership. See our Membership Page for more details on RNYC membership.

“ Becoming a social member turned out to be a great idea. We met several fun and interesting people, including visiting sailors from other countries. The diningroom serves excellent food at a reasonable price and the bar has a nice quiet pub atmosphere. The staff and other members make us feel welcome. ”
RNYC Social Member – Greg Horner


SEPT 25 2020   Friday

Wings Wednesday

OCT 03 2020   Saturday

Giggles and Gags 2020

NOV 27 2020   Friday

RNYC Christmas Gala 2020


RNYC swimming pool August 2020. Photo by Rick Austin.
RNYC swimming pool
L-R Breskell Crew members Erik, Leila, Josh (pointing) with Capt. Olivier Huin and RNYC Social Memeber Greg Horner. Breskell in the lift preparing for launch on her way to the NW Passage.
RNYC Race Week Pool Party
RNYC sailboats racing on Conception Bay
RNYC Learn to Sail keelboat “Mirielle Soucy”
The RNYC Christmas Gala is a special event at the Club.